My Three Favourite London Places

London has iconic landmarks, beautiful architecture and plenty of sights and attractions. The best thing is that those in the know are fully aware that the highlights of London can be experienced for free.
London has a lot of museums, and many of them are free. The British Museum on Great Russell Street is open every day and doesn’t charge an entrance fee. The National Gallery is a beautiful place to learn about art for free. The Tate Modern, The Tate Britain, The Albert and Victoria, The Natural History Museum and The Science Museum are cost nothing to enter. The following
are places to visit in London UK and the things to do.
1. The Mall to Buckingham Palace in the City of Westminster.
Initially constructed as a townhouse for the Duke of Buckingham in 1705, Buckingham Palace has gone through some major changes and now stands as one of the more beautiful Royal residences in the world. However, although the architecture is amazing, most tourists flock here to watch the changing of the guard, a military ceremony that happens every day at 11:30 am.
2. British Museum.
The British Museum is almost certainly one of the best in the world and holds one of the world’s greatest collections of Greek and Egyptian antiques, which contribute to an astonishing number of artifacts totaling over seven million. The Natural History Museum is famed for its beautifully preserved dinosaur remains and the Science Museum is an exciting and interesting place for people of all ages. What is best about all these great places is that all are free to enter.
3. Trafalgar Square and Clock Tower.
This is a place you should visit if you would like to feed pigeons, though it is currently prohibited. Go there for a lot of monuments, and you will perhaps not be disappointed. Clock Tower is frequently referred to as Big Ben this is one of the most pictured structure. Visit this place for having a great time and taking photographs of the world largest four confronted fireplace time. The whole experience will soon be amazing.
Alongside all these three great attractions, London has some other fantastic things to see and experience that just take a little searching out. It isn't all about working and getting printed productsEvery day and night there are free events held across the capital from comedy to music to intellectual lectures that just require either an internet search or a read through one of the free daily newspaper supplements to find. It is easy to take in the best of London safe in the knowledge that it won’t break the bank.

Top Family Restaurants in Central London

If you are planning to meet your family after visiting Urgent Printing or on your next family vacation to London, then you have to check out a broad range of budget and child-friendly hotels in Central London. The hotels will not only offer you the value for your money but will certainly feed your entire family. Going to these hotels doesn’t mean sacrifice your style and comfort. In fact, as you enjoy your cocktail, your kids will be entertaining themselves. Some of the five top family restaurants in Central London include the following.
David’s Bistro
David’s Bistro is friendly, casual and fun at the same time. It is a little place where you’ll find all the good things in life. Something good is always happening here be it an event, cooking demonstration or class. It is a perfect place where your family can learn several things including how to make soup, homemade salad dressing and more. Besides, you’ll find fantastic food served in an environment with great ambience making it ideal for a family outing. If you are after the most fabulous and creative menu in the city, then this is the place to go.
Mr. Bao
Mr. Bao is a top-rated family restaurant you should never miss on your next vacation to London. Here, you’ll find mushy Taiwanese steamed buns will be irresistible to those smooth tiny hands. Besides, there are other food varieties for your family to try. The atmosphere itself and the food served here makes it a great place for the kids and the entire family.
Waldos on King
This is a warm and inviting family restaurant that will surprise you with the most tantalising food. There is a mix of outstanding taste with excellent service. Customer service is charming, and you will probably want to extend your stay here. Furthermore, you won’t miss other nearby attractions such as St. Paul’s Cathedral, The Grand Theatre and Covent Garden Market.
This is another award-winning kids-friendly restaurant that offers special family vacation deals. Kids can choose from the tantalizing three-course meals and later on have their splendid moment at the play area. Parents can have excellent and finger-licking cocktails. The food served here is contemporary robatayaki cuisine, and the surrounding is strikingly beautiful.
Little Dinosaurs
This is a green hideaway located in Alexandra Park. The garden is enclosed offering you a lovely time to spend with family. You won’t fail to recommend the healthy homemade food served here for total organic wellness. Your family particularly the kids will not miss the fun in this place.
Central London is vibrant with great getaway restaurants that offer exclusive treatment. If you want to throw a memorable vacation for your family, then the above are the top restaurants you can consider.

Top 5 Things to do in London

Whilst we all associate London with business, commercial printers and work, London is also the capital city of England. It is one of the best places that one can tour with their family during a holiday. It has numerous attractions, clubs and hotels with great food. Depending on your budget, you will be able to visit different places with different attractions and enjoy your holiday. Below are top 5 things to do in London:

1. Tower of London
This is one of the best and most popular tourist attractions found within the city. Visitors can enjoy some entertaining tours by Yeomen Warders known as Beefeaters. They can also learn more about the tragedies and tales of this historic royal place. Individuals can also see Line of Kings, the oldest exhibition in the world. There are also the stunning crown jewels.

2. ZSL London Zoo
This is a great attraction for those with families and are looking for things to do. The zoo is the home of a wide range of exotic animals, and at its heart, it has a conservation of what it does. Visitors will have a great time taking photographs of the animals as they feed or even while they are asleep since they are very friendly. The zoo has got a butterfly enclosure that ensures individuals get close to nature.

3. The British Museum
When you visit London, this is one of the great museums which you shouldn’t miss. It has got a free admission except in cases whereby there are special exhibitions which charge a small fee. It has more than 250 years of existence and is one of the oldest museums in London. It is home to many great antiquities and artworks such as the Easter Island statue, the Rosetta stone, and the earliest known image of Christ. The Rosetta stone is the largest tablet where there is writing in Greek, Egyptian, and hieroglyphics.

4. The Theatre District
For those who admire plays and theatres, then the theatre district is must in the list. It has got many theatres that are known as well as performance groups. The Royal Shakespeare Company and the Royal National Theatre are among these famous theatres and performance groups. There are many amazing plays are performed here to entertain people. One can buy a ticket on the day for a show happens. Those who want better seats and avoid the fear of missing the play, they can buy the tickets online or over the phone.

5. Hyde park
This is also among the best places to visit in London. The place has many fun and recreational activities such as horseback riding, rowing, swimming, tennis and picnicking among others. The park is situated in the heart of London and covers an area of 350 acres.

In conclusion, these are the top things to do while in London which you should not miss. Your family will enjoy the vacation fully and will want to be back to the places for more adventure in their next holiday.

An Ideal Day Out in London

No matter the reason for visiting London or if you have lived in the city all your life, there is always something fun to do. You will be spoilt for things to do while in London. Here are just a few of the activities for an ideal day out in London.

Visit Charles II’s loo at Hampton Court Palace
This palace holds so much history from before the time of Henry VIII who acquired it from Cardinal Wolsey. Stand in the rooms where history was made including the corridors where Kathryn Howard was dragged screaming and where the monarch did his business. Consider the wintertime ghost tours for more thrills.

Spin on the London Eye
Even though it moves at 0.6 mph, the London Eye still spins. The view from 135 meters above ground is breathtaking and thrilling. Look over central London and the Thames and even peek through the curtains of Buckingham Palace, if the Queen opened them. You can ride in the morning and dusk on the same day to experience the different ambience.

Admire London from the Shard
This is a new iconic addition to the skyline of London. It adds some spikes and I the tallest building in Western Europe. It features floor-to-ceiling windows for amazing views. The view allows visitors to look out at 244 meters from the ground.

Tea and Theatre gossip at the National Theatre
There is so much you can do in the theatre. They offer daily tours and so much to explore. The guides reflect on the past productions. A table for an afternoon tea will be ready after the tour if you consider booking.

Visit the Globe theatre
Back in Shakespear’s days, theatregoers would experience the performances on their feet, maybe to bring the audience closer or because they had not invented chairs yet. Each performance has 700 standing tickets and only cost five pounds each. Enjoy the best of the show on your feet, Elizabethan style.

Visit the Whispering Gallery
St. Paul’s Cathedral has stood the test of time. It has served as a place of worship for thousands of years and is an amazing architectural design. Inside the dome is the gallery which acts as an acoustic device. Just whisper from one end, and a person 10 feet on the opposite end will hear the whisper. It has an amazing aural phenomenon.

Horniman Museum
The tea trader, Frederick Horniman collected specimens from around the world to create his museum in the 1800s. This museum opened in 1901, and the 130-year old walrus is still the main attraction in the whole museum.

Christmas light in the West End
Every year the Christmas lights get switched on in November by a celebrity. It is wonderful strolling down Oxford Street in the evening to watch the lights or down Regent Street where the lights are classy. There is so much twinkle during the Christmas season.

Walk the players’ tunnel at Wembley stadium
There is a 75-minute tour through the history of Wembley Stadium, the sports heroes, and some aside along the way. Sit on the seat used by England manager during press conferences. Rumour has it the seat has an ejector switch but this is not true.

London is not all about work and same day printing!

How To Entertain Business Clients In London

Most businesses get all the details right when it comes to hosting clients but fail at what to do during the off business hours. After organising the business conference, getting your printed products from Urgent Printing, you also need to prepare for a way to entertain your clients after the meetings. When business clients visit a big city like London, they have expectations when it comes to entertainment. London is a known global centre and one of the worlds largest metropolitan. There are plenty of things that people visiting London hope to see and do and as their host, you can treat them to some great entertainment. Here are three ways you can entertain your business clients in London.

Give Them A Grand Tour Of The City

Most people who have not been to London would love to have a good view of the city. The architecture of London is among the most developed and unique in the world. London is also a host to historic sites that most people would love to see. You can make your clients happy by giving them an evening tour throughout the city. You could choose to host your business meeting at a point where they will have a good view of the city. For instance, The Attic at Pan Peninsula or the Hilton Tower are good places for the clients to have a 360 degrees view of the city.

Treat Them To A Wine Dinner

Wine dinners are always a good opportunity to score more deals with clients. The wine helps in lightening the mood and lets you connect with clients at a personal level. You can either host the wine dinner at home or choose an executive restaurant to do that. The choice of the venue depends on the capacity of the visitors. Invite a wine expert as a keynote speaker. Spice the dinner with local cuisine and some of the traditional British styles to make the clients feel at London.

Treat Them to a Private Cruise on the River Thames

You could start by giving them a chance to view the great London Bridge. Retire to a private boat cruise on the River Thames afterwards. You could also have a wine dinner on the boat. You could make it fun by hosting the dinner on a boat since the clients will be in free spirit. This is also a good moment to drop in one or two lines of business bargaining.


The burden of entertaining business clients, especially those that may spend several days, lies with the host. If you are the one hosting them, you need to make them feel at home. You need to learn their desires and try to make them feel as comfortable as possible. The way you entertain your clients plays a major role in getting business deals signed. Considering the fact that London is a global heritage centre, there is much expectation. The visitors will set their minds on various issues such as sports, the royalty and so on. You need to understand what they want and try to make them happy as much as you can.