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Suppose you want high-quality luxury flyers and leaflets to get your business’ message out there, whether it’s for a promotion, an event, special offers, a new product, or a sales’ event, whatever you want to get attention. To, In that case, you can’t go far wrong with a premium, professional-looking custom-made flyer or leaflet – specifically tailor-made for you in a cost-effective and eye-catching way.

To promote your business – whatever it is, you’ll want eye-catching leaflets or business, and that will stand out from the rest. And, regardless of whether you’re trying to impress any potential clients or customers or to introduce your new business to the public on the high street, bespoke creative, full-colour flyers and folded leaflets can help your business get noticed – and staying in the forefront of their minds. Luxury leaflets and flyers are an easy and effective way to spread the word about any new products and services and to create an electric buzz around any sales or events you’re promoting – as well as targeting a wide range of specific audiences.

 For a great way to attract the attention of potential customers, you should check out the vast range of customisable templates which are available for printed flyers and leaflets, so you can create the specific look of your handout, takeaway, presentation product or whatever paper type material that you’re looking for.

Menus, order of service cards, as well as other luxury leaflet printing or flyer printing, is available if you know where to look and can help you save money when advertising or promoting your products, services or other marketing needs.

Printing leaflets or flyers are a fantastic way to get a quick but memorable message across to anyone but without overwhelming them. Because, in fact, they work best when they’re focused on a couple of solid but straightforward concepts or big ideas. They’re easy to handle, pack up, bundle and hand out in crowds. And they are great for street marketing activities such as promoting a seasonal sale or special event or drumming up targeted interest for your shop or business opening.


Leaflet Printing

There’s so much choice for your business or service to choose from – single or double-sided, flyer printing on uncoated or coated paper, recycled paper – 100% recycled, matt lamination, gloss, a huge range of paper types, and the artwork or design is up to you!

But before you start to get excited about getting your flyers and leaflets printed, you need to ensure you’ve covered some fundamental bases first:

  • Know who your audience is, focus the specific design, artwork, printing which will be eye-catching and in a variety of colours, and be sure you are allowed to hand out your free flyers at relevant events and spots
  • Use smaller printed sizes for handouts, and larger sizes for hanging or displaying
  • Hook potential readers with your headline – you’ve only got a few seconds of their attention – the quality of your content is vital, so give one clear call to action, and make your contact and social information big and bold.

Regardless of what you’re promoting, get your message out anywhere, at any time.

So, it’s essential that you have:

  • The correct quantity: there are great competitive prices across the board, from 25 to 20,000 for a print-run
  • The right look:it’s easy to customise a wide range of professional designs with online templates or if you take advantage of our intuitive design studio – just ask for help…
  • The right paper:from budget flyers and leaflets to premium plus, as well as your specific choice of glossy, matte or recycled paper
  • The right product: decide whether you want flat or folded flyers, from portable handout formats to larger sizes to hang or carry in folders – the choice is yours.

There are also holders available for DL and A4 sizes flyers which is excellent for advertising spots.


How to Create an Eye-Catching Leaflet or Flyer Design

Designing leaflets or flyers online is quick and easy, especially if you have your in-house design team or are happy to dabble in the creation yourself! If you haven’t, then don’t panic. Give one of our professional design team a shout, as we’re always happy to help.

You’ll find the design specifications listed for you to utilise on each of the different product sizes. There are a number of premium quality of free card designs online with blank design tool templates for you to use.

It’s recommended that you:

·      Keep your text to a minimum

Flyers are meant to be easy to absorb, so keep your text clear and concise – it shouldn’t take longer than a few minutes to read everything on your flyer. Try to have no more than 250 words on your flyer, and even less for A5 and smaller.

·      Use headings

Keep your design simple – you’ll probably need one big header to summarise the entire flyer, then you could use more minor headings to direct your reader’s attention to the following critical piece of information. This helps create a hierarchy of information in your design and makes it easier to read.

·      Folded, double-sided designs

Suppose you opt for a folded, double-sided leaflet, which is a good option for presentations or specifically targeted audiences. In that case, they’ll enable you to have more space to explain what your business is all about. This extra double-sided space will make it easier for you to organise your information into sections so that your potential customers can easily find what they’re looking for. As well as being helpful, informative handouts, they’re absolutely perfect for displaying on reception desks or in the front of popular shops, as a form of free advertising in areas with high traffic, which are busy and crowded with potential customers.

·      Stick to your brand colours

Having too many colours can be distracting for your reader, so it’s recommended that you choose two or three of your business’ brand colours that really compliment each other and which can make your message easy to read.

Search for a Design

If you’re struggling to come up with a design yourself, you’ll find there’s a lot of free online methods available for you to use.

You could:

  • Start by searching a wide range of artwork and designs by your industry type or purpose to find the right look for your individual needs
  • You can upload any type of file including .pdf, .ai, .jpeg, .png, .doc and .ppt 
  • Remember always to include attention-grabbing text, images or photos 
  • To make it more scannable, it’s recommended that you don’t use more than two different fonts
  • Perhaps try adding a coupon, voucher or another marketing pull-in in your design to create additional interest.

• If you need artwork or design help, our experienced and professional in-house experts can create logos, edit your template, or re-create existing designs to suit your needs. 

Leaflet Printing UK

You’ll need to find an excellent printing business that can help you choose the best quality and yet most suitable printing flyer and leaflet options available that will suit your budget as well as your advertising plans.

How to choose a paper stock for your leaflet printing

There’s so much choice when it comes to you choosing what type of paper to use, as well as what finish to opt for when it comes to leaflet or flyer printing – it can literally be overwhelming.

But it’s important you get it right – because as soon as your potential customer or client handles your flyers and leaflets, they’ll know you mean business, with whatever choice of the paper type you’ve decided on, and the kind of finish you choose on proves your business is top-quality too…

Types of Paper

Value 150gsm Silk – this is great as a cheap flyer printing option for businesses that don’t want to scrimp on quality. It feels like a thin takeaway menu or a weekly magazine – as it’s a lightweight paper, but that’s still smooth and silky. It’s perfect for bulk flyer printing on a budget, great for takeaway menus, large quantity handouts for shows and exhibitions, club and events advertising.

Classic 250gsm Silk- this is an excellent mid-weight paper that’s versatile and that can be used for a range of different things as it’s a thin card that stands up straight when you hold it up with a silky finish. It’s perfect for most marketing activities, which can include advertising flyers and magazine inserts.

Premium 350gsm Silk – this is a super thick stock that gives the impression of luxury and lasts a long time, especially if you add a protective, splash-proof layer of lamination. It’s also available with Spot UV on matt lamination. It feels like a thick card, like a restaurant menu card or a business card, and is ideal for long-term marketing such as quality menus or high-end business flyers for impressing your top clients.

Recycled 350gsm – now you can print environmentally-friendly flyers on 100% recycled card, which feels like thick card, and is just like premium stock but has slightly less ink absorption, and is excellent for any business looking for an eco-friendly alternative to their standard advertising flyers.

Kraft 280gsm – actually gives your leaflets and flyers a hand-crafted, DIY look but which has a professionally printed finish. They are made of earthy, textured card, like those brown recycled envelopes that you can get, but they’re actually a bit thicker!

How to choose a paperweight

When you are deciding what type of luxury printed flyer and leaflets you want for your business’ advertising, it’s also a good idea to think about the kind of paperweight, as well as size.

There are various paper types and weights options for you to look at – obviously, the heavier the weights, the costlier the service, but the quality is better…

• Budget: 130 gsm for glossy and matte

• Standard: 170 gsm for glossy and matte

• Premium: 250 gsm for glossy and matte, 270 gsm for recycled

• Premium plus: 400 gsm for glossy and matte


Once you’ve chosen your type and weight of paper, you mustn’t forget the finish, as it’s all these small details that can make all the difference to your business.

·      A gloss finish is shiny and reflective and is perfect for photos and other images, especially if your design has lots of vibrant colours

·      Whereas a matte finish has less of a glare, for a smoother appearance and more contrast 

·      Recycled stock tends to a more natural feel, with lighter colours, and is made from 100% recycled materials.

Leaflet Printing London

It’s evident that a well-designed leaflet or flyer can make all the difference when you’re trying to build relationships with customers, clients or attract new ones to your business. However, knowing what relevant information to include, as well as the best paper type and size to choose, can be always be challenging – and if you’re in a rush to get your flyer printing done, it’s not always easy!

That’s where we come in. Our team at Urgent Printing can help you create attention-grabbing, high-quality business flyers and leaflets that reflect your specific brand and spread whatever message you want.

If you take advantage of our wide range of leaflets, flyers and business cards services with choices of paper sizes, including square or strip leaflets, to make a serious statement or our A5 and A6 flyers which are tailor-made for the perfect door drops, you won’t go far wrong.

And don’t forget the finishing touches, which can include perforated edges for that attention-grabbing call to action, or creased, coated paper leaflets for front-loading your information without overwhelming your customers.

Maybe you’ll opt for gloss or silk leaflets for a luxury quality to set your business apart from the rest. Or, perhaps you’ll choose laminated or bond print flyers or business cards for a high-quality printed flyer finish that will stand the test of time. 

Flyers Leaflets

Finally, you can now upload your design with our proofing tool, and we’ll do everything else to complete your leaflet printing.

If you’re struggling for inspiration at any time, speak to our in-house designers, and we’ll help create your masterpiece. We’ll get to work on your designs within 24 hours and deliver them to anywhere in the UK.