Booklets and brochures are a long-established form of marketing and advertising, and for good reason. They’re a very effective promotional tool. Many companies still use booklets despite the never-ending advance of digital media. People still like to have something in their hands to look at. If you’d like a booklet or brochure printed, visit www.urgentprinting.co.uk/booklets-and-binding/ for more information.

There are several compelling reasons to print a booklet or brochure:

  • Personalise your business – with the right tone of voice, your reader will feel engaged with your message and feel like you’re communicating with them on a personal level.
  • Build trust with your customer – a well-presented origin story, or spotlight on your business practices, influences how people feel about your business.
  • Easy to distribute – basically you can put them anywhere! Public waiting areas, hotel or conference centre receptions, or direct mail them.
  • Cost effective – especially if you buy and print in bulk and work closely with your chosen print shop on design & production.

Booklets and brochures have longevity too, they’re something to pick up again and again. If your booklet is beautifully designed and produced and has great photos and text, then customers will read it repeatedly. Booklets are a perfect way to reinforce a message, tell a story, and ultimately gain loyalty from your customers.

Brochure printing in London

As it’s such a versatile and effective marketing method, there are unsurprisingly all sorts of methods to produce your custom brochure. At Urgent Printing we have the expertise and experience to help you out.

The simplest form of booklet is a stapled booklet – ideal for magazines, newsletters, and event programmes. With secure saddle stitching, the pages are nested and stitched together with wires or staples through the folded spine.

You can choose from several sizes of stapled booklet:

Another popular option for your brochure is wire binding, sometimes called spiral binding or comb binding. Wire binding is ideal if you’re looking for an A4 or A3 booklet with maximum visual impact. This is because the pages lay flat on both sides which also makes it easy to hold and read with one hand. Discover our wire binding service here.

There are two other binding methods to look at if you want a premium finish and a long-lasting brochure.

 Both these methods ensure your brochure will look its best for a long time to come.

Orders of service printing in London

Weddings, christenings, confirmations, and funerals – orders of service bookmark life’s happiest and saddest days. A beautifully produced order of service is a particularly personal and touching memento to remind us of days gone by. Discover how we can help you here.