Jay – Co Owner

Jay has been in the Print and Bind industry for over 18 years and is a print product specialist. Jay prides himself on ensuring the quality of the product is the best it can be. Jay is also trained in Adobe Illustrator, meaning he can create your designs from a brief or offer help and advice should you need it.

Mark – Co Owner

Mark has a commercial background and understands the demands for time sensitive projects. Mark’s personal mantra is “there are never any problems, only solutions waiting to be found” and he can always find a solution that works. Mark is happy to arrive early and stay late to ensure your job is completed to the highest standards in the given time.

Louis – Print Specialist

Louis is “Mr Customer Service” and is always cool, calm and collected, even more so in a crisis. Louis knows what can be achieved has extremely high standards and attention to detail. Louis has been in the print industry for 6 years and is without out a doubt the most patient of us all, nothing is too much trouble.

Stoyko – Binding Specialist

Stoyko is one of the fastest binders in London and maybe even the UK. Stoyko has is amazing attention to detail and is his hardest critic “If It’s not right, it not going out”. Stoyko is passionate about is work, products and customers, second best will just not do.

Rob – Binding and Document Restoration Specialist

Rob has been binding and restoring documents for over 15 years. If your document needs that “Special Something” to make it stand out or be more complex to make it work, he is the expert, from hand folding individual pages to single thread stitching, Rob is the man to make it work.

Eamon – Trainee Bookbinder & Print finisher

Eamon started with us in May 2017 as a trainee. Eamon’s enthusiasm is infectious and his willingness to learn, understand and get proficient make him a valuable member of the team. In a very short time he has learnt that the quality of the product is paramount.

Dean – Courier