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We understand that now more than ever, you need to stand out from the competition and reach a broad audience, but that is impossible if you are not working with a certified company.

Here at Urgent Printing, we can help you with your printing needs. We are the best company to turn to when you need a booklet printing service that will meet all your needs. So whether the dog ate your booklets, your boss just slapped you with a demand for printed and stapled booklets or you were let down by a different supplier, we are the company you can turn to for your needs.

Our Products by Booklet Binding Type

We offer different booklet binding options for print booklets. These different styles suit different needs and take varying amounts of time to complete.

Stitched Binding

In this case, the books are bound with a long, folded metal wire. This type of binding is best used for sales brochures and magazines.

Perfect Binding

If you want a clean finish for your booklet, the perfect bound is the right booklet binding stye for you. The pages are glued to the spine to make it look like a paperback book.

Wire Bound

This is a silver coil bind. It binds a front and hardback cover and is typical of manuals, diaries and activity books.


This binding style involves printing and folding pages of printed booklets and then sewing them together. This results in a book block glued to a soft case paperback or a hardback cover.

Lock Bound

Booklets with lock binding look like perfect bound booklets. However, it has a more durable finish. Instead of binding the pages to the spine, this technique involves folding pages into sections and then glueing these to the spine.

We Print Booklets for Your Needs

A perfect booklet should not have too few pages or too many. However, your booklet printing options may be limited if you have not yet gotten the right partner for your needs. Here at Urgent Printing, we ensure that the booklet pages are just enough to properly represent your brand and send the right message to your audience.

We have helped clients by carrying out multiple print jobs for them, and we can help you too. Our timely and exceptional service gives you an instant quote for booklet and brochure printing. 

We also offer online booklet printing and binding and a free sample pack to ensure that your needs are being met as they should. We print square booklets, A4, A5 and A6 booklets. Most of these are for booklets that are below 84 pages. For anything more than that, we recommend paperback book printing.

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If you have been looking for the perfect place to have your booklets printed on demand, you are finally in the right place. We help you with all your emergency booklet printing needs at Urgent Printing. So make an order today, and get your booklets printed and ready today!