No matter the reason for visiting London or if you have lived in the city all your life, there is always something fun to do. You will be spoilt for things to do while in London. Here are just a few of the activities for an ideal day out in London.

Visit Charles II’s loo at Hampton Court Palace
This palace holds so much history from before the time of Henry VIII who acquired it from Cardinal Wolsey. Stand in the rooms where history was made including the corridors where Kathryn Howard was dragged screaming and where the monarch did his business. Consider the wintertime ghost tours for more thrills.

Spin on the London Eye
Even though it moves at 0.6 mph, the London Eye still spins. The view from 135 meters above ground is breathtaking and thrilling. Look over central London and the Thames and even peek through the curtains of Buckingham Palace, if the Queen opened them. You can ride in the morning and dusk on the same day to experience the different ambience.

Admire London from the Shard
This is a new iconic addition to the skyline of London. It adds some spikes and I the tallest building in Western Europe. It features floor-to-ceiling windows for amazing views. The view allows visitors to look out at 244 meters from the ground.

Tea and Theatre gossip at the National Theatre
There is so much you can do in the theatre. They offer daily tours and so much to explore. The guides reflect on the past productions. A table for an afternoon tea will be ready after the tour if you consider booking.

Visit the Globe theatre
Back in Shakespear’s days, theatregoers would experience the performances on their feet, maybe to bring the audience closer or because they had not invented chairs yet. Each performance has 700 standing tickets and only cost five pounds each. Enjoy the best of the show on your feet, Elizabethan style.

Visit the Whispering Gallery
St. Paul’s Cathedral has stood the test of time. It has served as a place of worship for thousands of years and is an amazing architectural design. Inside the dome is the gallery which acts as an acoustic device. Just whisper from one end, and a person 10 feet on the opposite end will hear the whisper. It has an amazing aural phenomenon.

Horniman Museum
The tea trader, Frederick Horniman collected specimens from around the world to create his museum in the 1800s. This museum opened in 1901, and the 130-year old walrus is still the main attraction in the whole museum.

Christmas light in the West End
Every year the Christmas lights get switched on in November by a celebrity. It is wonderful strolling down Oxford Street in the evening to watch the lights or down Regent Street where the lights are classy. There is so much twinkle during the Christmas season.

Walk the players’ tunnel at Wembley stadium
There is a 75-minute tour through the history of Wembley Stadium, the sports heroes, and some aside along the way. Sit on the seat used by England manager during press conferences. Rumour has it the seat has an ejector switch but this is not true.

London is not all about work and same day printing!