Most businesses get all the details right when it comes to hosting clients but fail at what to do during the off business hours. After organising the business conference, getting your printed products from Urgent Printing, you also need to prepare for a way to entertain your clients after the meetings. When business clients visit a big city like London, they have expectations when it comes to entertainment. London is a known global centre and one of the worlds largest metropolitan. There are plenty of things that people visiting London hope to see and do and as their host, you can treat them to some great entertainment. Here are three ways you can entertain your business clients in London.

Give Them A Grand Tour Of The City

Most people who have not been to London would love to have a good view of the city. The architecture of London is among the most developed and unique in the world. London is also a host to historic sites that most people would love to see. You can make your clients happy by giving them an evening tour throughout the city. You could choose to host your business meeting at a point where they will have a good view of the city. For instance, The Attic at Pan Peninsula or the Hilton Tower are good places for the clients to have a 360 degrees view of the city.

Treat Them To A Wine Dinner

Wine dinners are always a good opportunity to score more deals with clients. The wine helps in lightening the mood and lets you connect with clients at a personal level. You can either host the wine dinner at home or choose an executive restaurant to do that. The choice of the venue depends on the capacity of the visitors. Invite a wine expert as a keynote speaker. Spice the dinner with local cuisine and some of the traditional British styles to make the clients feel at London.

Treat Them to a Private Cruise on the River Thames

You could start by giving them a chance to view the great London Bridge. Retire to a private boat cruise on the River Thames afterwards. You could also have a wine dinner on the boat. You could make it fun by hosting the dinner on a boat since the clients will be in free spirit. This is also a good moment to drop in one or two lines of business bargaining.


The burden of entertaining business clients, especially those that may spend several days, lies with the host. If you are the one hosting them, you need to make them feel at home. You need to learn their desires and try to make them feel as comfortable as possible. The way you entertain your clients plays a major role in getting business deals signed. Considering the fact that London is a global heritage centre, there is much expectation. The visitors will set their minds on various issues such as sports, the royalty and so on. You need to understand what they want and try to make them happy as much as you can.