We require Print ready PDF, this means;

  1. Files are in PDF Format
  2. Files created and set to the correct size
  3. Pages have a 5mm Safe Zone” – keeping text 5mm away from the edges
  4. Have 3mm Bleed margin on all edges and trim lines (where applicable)
  5. Exported As CMYK colour profile (preferred)
  6. Correct margins for binding style (where applicable)

If you do not have a Print Ready PDF, need some help or want some reassurance

Our checking service will

  • Check the PDF page size versus the order and if necessary, scale equally (without distorting the artwork)
    • Where it is not possible to scale the artwork equally – This will normally add white margins to the top and bottom or left and right depending on the original size
  • Check the bleed margins and safe zones – is there enough space so the text / image will not be clipped?
    • Where this is a problem, we will attempt to fix the issues by adding a bleed if possible or trimming slightly differently.
  • Identify obvious print defects – We will contact you with the specifics of the issue.

We will also

  • Contact you with any issues identified that cannot be fixed or pass you the files we have amended that require approval.
  • Confirm that all checks have been completed.
  • Confirm that your order has been processed and when it is scheduled for collection or dispatch.
  • Share with you next working day tracking information (direct from DPD)

We Will NOT:

  • Proof read the content of any document
  • Identify spelling or grammatical errors

Checking service is by product not by order.