Sometimes referred to as display printing, large format printing, or wide format printing, they all mean the same thing – posters. They are a long-established way to show off and advertise your business to a very wide audience.

The benefits of a great poster include:

  • Huge impact – the sheer size of the biggest posters mean they’re extremely effective at catching the eye.
  • Footfall – placing your poster on the street in an area of high footfall makes your poster – and therefore your business – visible to the widest possible audience. This is effective at a local level, where people both live and work in the same area.
  • Creativity – posters are your chance to let your imagination go wild with design, colours and fonts. You can create a statement that really grabs everyone’s attention.
  • Cost – poster printing is a proven low-cost method of advertising, especially compared to magazine or newspaper ads, especially when you combine cost of production with the longevity of the message. Your poster could be on the street for weeks and months – just imagine how many people will see it during that time.

No matter what your business is, large format posters are ideally suited to advertising. Nightclubs, restaurants, gyms, estate agents, shops….the list is endless. If you want to get your corporate event or theme night in front of people, a custom printed poster is the solution.

Custom poster printing in London

So you’ve designed your custom poster, but how will you get it printed? You need a lot of technical help, right? At Urgent Printing, we can help match your design with the best production for maximum impact.

Some of the questions you might be considering are:

  • What if I’m not happy with my poster design? Which colour scheme is best, where should I put my brand logo, and most importantly what’s my CTA (call to action?)
  • Which is the best paper to print on? Is there a lot of white space in my design, do I need a smooth glossy finish, and do I want my poster digitally printed?
  • What poster size should I choose? A large poster such as A0 or A1 format, or a smaller format such as A3 or A4? Sometimes bigger isn’t necessarily better
  • Where are the best places to put my posters up? This will be influenced by your chosen poster size. For example, a library or public waiting room is ideal for an A4 poster, but large format posters are best for bus stations or college campuses.

And if you decide you want a custom-sized poster, we’ll offer you the advice you need. Contact us at www.urgentprinting.co.uk/contact-us/ for same day poster printing.

King’s College London poster printing

It’s not always about bright colours and big fonts. We also offer a quick and reliable service for students at King’s College London who want a standard symposium poster. Simply visit our quick link at www.urgentprinting.co.uk/kings-college-london-posters/ and drop in a PDF. Then leave the rest to us.