Whilst we all associate London with business, commercial printers and work, London is also the capital city of England. It is one of the best places that one can tour with their family during a holiday. It has numerous attractions, clubs and hotels with great food. Depending on your budget, you will be able to visit different places with different attractions and enjoy your holiday. Below are top 5 things to do in London:

1. Tower of London
This is one of the best and most popular tourist attractions found within the city. Visitors can enjoy some entertaining tours by Yeomen Warders known as Beefeaters. They can also learn more about the tragedies and tales of this historic royal place. Individuals can also see Line of Kings, the oldest exhibition in the world. There are also the stunning crown jewels.

2. ZSL London Zoo
This is a great attraction for those with families and are looking for things to do. The zoo is the home of a wide range of exotic animals, and at its heart, it has a conservation of what it does. Visitors will have a great time taking photographs of the animals as they feed or even while they are asleep since they are very friendly. The zoo has got a butterfly enclosure that ensures individuals get close to nature.

3. The British Museum
When you visit London, this is one of the great museums which you shouldn’t miss. It has got a free admission except in cases whereby there are special exhibitions which charge a small fee. It has more than 250 years of existence and is one of the oldest museums in London. It is home to many great antiquities and artworks such as the Easter Island statue, the Rosetta stone, and the earliest known image of Christ. The Rosetta stone is the largest tablet where there is writing in Greek, Egyptian, and hieroglyphics.

4. The Theatre District
For those who admire plays and theatres, then the theatre district is must in the list. It has got many theatres that are known as well as performance groups. The Royal Shakespeare Company and the Royal National Theatre are among these famous theatres and performance groups. There are many amazing plays are performed here to entertain people. One can buy a ticket on the day for a show happens. Those who want better seats and avoid the fear of missing the play, they can buy the tickets online or over the phone.

5. Hyde park
This is also among the best places to visit in London. The place has many fun and recreational activities such as horseback riding, rowing, swimming, tennis and picnicking among others. The park is situated in the heart of London and covers an area of 350 acres.

In conclusion, these are the top things to do while in London which you should not miss. Your family will enjoy the vacation fully and will want to be back to the places for more adventure in their next holiday.